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Smiles of the Week

Published November 15, 2013 by coachkatriel

1.  Couple workouts ago, we maxed out on consecutive Pull-ups. I started filming a little bit late, but caught Miss Julia getting a PR at 49 reps! That’s the most consecutive pull-ups I’ve ever witnessed so I was very much impressed.

2. I decided on a family Christmas tradition for the hubs and myself when we start having kiddos. Red Dropseat Footie Pajamas. With customizable Dropseats. Here’s the picture from the website:

3. Last Saturday, we had the very first ever Yoga class at our box. Our yoga instructor is THEBESTEVER. She’s super cute and fun and does a great job. I’ve been looking forward to our next Saturday session ever since.

4. We also saw Thor: The Dark World  this past weekend. I absolutely loved it. I thought it kept up a good pace and had good energy and I loved all the little quotables. I saw the first Thor movie in theaters with Seth before we officially were dating. I hadn’t slept very much the night before and had been at my CrossFit certification all day and actually ended up falling asleep. We were watching it in 3D so I atleast had those little glasses on, and when he didn’t say anything after the movie I thought I might have gotten away with it. But I totally didn’t. He called me out about it later on into our relationship. I stayed awake the whole time during this Thor though and would totally watch it again. Unfortunately, Seth doesn’t like watching the same movie twice over, so we probably won’t watch it again.

5. This picture from my brother’s wedding. Josh's wedding fountainWe were lining up all pretty when a big gust of wind blew water from the fountain at our backs. They had a couple photographers and I’m glad one of them thought to capture this shot. I can’t help but smile every time I see this picture.

What things made you smile this week?