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Stitch Fix

Published August 8, 2013 by coachkatriel

You know those t-shirts that you got for free as a kid for participating in things? The illfitted, unisex t-shirts with somebody’s logo plastered all big on the front of the shirt?

Well, I participated in a summer track program pretty much all through elementary school. And I had probably umpteen bazillion of the track t-shirts you’d get for your uniform or for certain track meets. I remember one shirt in particular that said “First Place All County Track Meet” that our track coaches had made too many of, so they gave them out with otter pops after track practice. I remember it so clearly because I had three of them and was pretty proud of myself.

Up until about November of 6th grade, I wore these shirts to school every day with a pair baggy jeans. They were comfy.

I remember there was one week where I wore all three (no joke) in a row. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. And on Wednesday, one of the girls in my class was like “Gross. You wore the same shirt to school every day this week.” I retorted, “Uh no, I have three of them, so this one is different from the one I wore yesterday.” And she was like “Where do you shop at, DI?” and the whole class laughed. Or maybe just she did, but I remember it a little bit more dramatically than that. There’s nothing wrong with shopping at DI, really. But to the well manicured girl with the perfect skin wearing Abercrombie, I might as well be living in a cardboard box on the playground.

I forced my dad to take me shopping that day. When mom took me shopping, she’d always try to find the cheapest sales and the fanciest deals. So I took my dad, because he would just buy me whatever it took to make me happy. I remember breaking down and telling him I needed to go to Old Navy and buy some of those bedazzled jeans or the jeans with decorations on them that everyone else wore.. It was that day also that I found out I didn’t fit in “juniors” any longer and had to buy from the women’s sizes. We bought me two pairs of flare jeans from OLD NAVY. I remember they were like $40 each, and I could not BELIEVE that my dad was spending that much money on clothes. We also bought two shirts. I remember one of the shirts very clearly. It was red with a little white pattern around the neckline, three quarter sleeve, and it showed my collarbone just a little bit. It dipped down just a little into a little eyelet and there was a string on either side that I could use to tie the ends closed. I wore my new outfit the next day with my strings tied in a stupid little bow that I kept tying and retying all day long. The shirt was a little bit short, but that was stylish and I remember how cool I felt.

I thought about this yesterday, as I was opening up a box from “Stitch Fix”. Stitch Fix is an online styling company. You fill out a style profile online, and one of their stylists sends you 5 pieces they think you’ll love in whatever budget you pick for yourself. If you don’t like something they send you, the box comes with a little prepaid envelope that you can fit everything in and send it back. Kind of nice to be able to go shopping without going out and letting someone else style me made me feel like a celebrity for a second. I tried it out as an early birthday treat for myself and thought it was super fun. So today, I’m once again wearing a new outfit and feeling just as cool.


The Couch: A purely sentimental and non-fitness related post

Published July 17, 2012 by coachkatriel

I have something I want to share with you.

The Couch: now in its new home at my totally undecorated apartment 🙂

The Couch is a brown sectional that’s a very important part of my relationship with Seth.

The first time I went to Seth’s apartment, he was sitting on The Couch.

We held hands for the first time on The Couch.

We kissed for the first time on The Couch.

The night before I ran my marathon, we ate pizza on The Couch.

The weekend I got CrossFit certified, I excitedly sat on The Couch while I told Seth about everything I’d learned.

We decided one day, while sitting on The Couch, that we were ready to officially be dating.

The first time Seth made me dinner, we ate it on The Couch.

When Seth and I sat on The Couch and watched the Justin Bieber movie, I knew I could love him forever.

I fell asleep leaning on Seth’s shoulder while sitting on The Couch watching a movie, and even though I snored in his face, he didn’t break up with me.

The Couch has been a significant part of our relationship over the past year and a half, and I was glad that The Couch would be moving into my apartment with me.

But then this last weekend, something happened that changed the way I’ll think about The Couch forever.

This last weekend, Seth and I were cuddling on the couch watching a movie, like we often do. We talk during movies quite a lot, so when he opened his mouth, it didn’t seem unusual at all.

He brought up some of the same things I’ve already mentioned about our relationship with The Couch, and while he was talking he pulled out a little brown jewelry box, climbed off the Couch and got down on one knee, and asked me to do him the honor of marrying him. As he was talking my stomach filled with excited butterflies, and I felt an overwhelming swelling of love in my heart for this man who’s become my best friend over the past year. He’s the one I get to spend the rest of my life and forever with, and I couldn’t be happier.


Triple PR day, anyone?

Published April 25, 2012 by coachkatriel

Alright, friends and neighbors.

After eating 6 healthy meals in a row over the course of two days, I went to the gym to participate in the StrengthWod. And…it went awesome.

I have an almost paralyzing fear of weight overhead, so for the longest time, the heaviest I’ve EVER been able to get up there was 130, and that was on a good day. Anything higher than that and I’d look at myself with the heavy weight in the mirror and my mind would have already given up or gotten scared. I often play the “What’s the worst that could happen?” game when I approach a heavy weight. Well, when getting a weight overhead, there’s a long list that runs through my mind of all the worsts that could happen. I sit there and debate with myself about whether or not the risk is worth it.

I put 140# on the bar and bounced around with the bar a little bit while I debated whether or not it was worth the effort. I dropped down a couple pounds and went for it again. I didn’t think much about how much was on the bar and jerked it overhead. As I was finishing out the drive, I was doing the math and realized there was 135# on the bar. I left it up there over my head for awhile, shocked that it had gotten up over my head so easily. I dropped it to the floor, and then realized that I should have squatted with it overhead so I could get a PR there too.

I went for it again. I’d already done it, so the debate with myself was easily won. I popped it up overhead and tried to squat with it. Overhead squatting requires a lot of abdominal stabilization. I struggled keeping the weight stable on my way down and stood up before I hit depth. Of course, I couldn’t leave it at that.

I push jerked 135# for the third time that day and this time successfully squatted past parallel with it.

Feeling pretty awesome and a little full of myself, I set my bar up for deadlifts. I pulled 240# off the floor 7 times. My form was pretty shabby-especially for the last couple-but I did it. We used the “Figure out your max” equation (which I’m sure has another name too) and pulling 240# 7 times would put my max deadlift at 295#. I think I’ll go for a new max in a couple weeks.

I realize this is likely the LEAST helpful post ever. So I’ll give it a moral.

Having consistent good nutrition leads to personal records in the gym. How? If you’re eating healthy and timing your meals well, you’ll have the energy to actually do the workouts and the nutrients you need to recover after your workouts. So if you wanna beast yourself and look good doing it? Clean up your diet and stay consistent with it.

1 Year

Published January 4, 2012 by coachkatriel

It’s been exactly 1 year since I signed up at Put It Up CrossFit. It’s up there in the top 10 best decisions I’ve made in my whole life.

Since signing up at Put It Up Crossfit, I have:

  • significantly improved my body composition. While my weight has stayed within 10-15 pounds of my starting weight, I’ve dropped fat and put on muscle.
  • become much stronger. When I worked out with a trainer at Gold’s gym, I struggled with light weights. I now can deadlift 275 pounds, back squat 215, bench press 135, hangclean 140, and my numbers are consistently improving.
  • become much faster. At Put It Up CrossFit, we do brand new workouts everyday. However, we have a couple benchmarks that we hit up every couple months. My scores on these workouts have improved exponentially.
  • done pull-ups. Not just one, not just two. I’ve done multiple pull-ups in multiple styles. This was something I always wanted to be able to do but just couldn’t.
  • met many wonderful people that I would have never known otherwise. These people push me to work my hardest during workouts and give me a reason to show up at the gym. Before Put It Up CrossFit, I could skip working out several days in a row and get away with it. Now, I know there are people counting on me showing up; people that notice and care when I’m not there; people who pay attention to how well I’m doing and expect me to be doing my best.
  • learned more about nutrition than I ever did in nutrition classes.
  • learned about different training techniques.
  • become CrossFit L-1 Certified, kicking off my career as a trainer and coach of health and fitness.
  • started dating the man of my dreams-a fellow CrossFit coach and a brilliant trainer and a masterful programmer who inspires me every day to be the best athlete, trainer, and person I can be.

I had no idea when I walked through those doors for the first time how it would impact my life long term. I thought then that it would just be a fun new way of working out, but it has motivated me in countless ways, inside and outside of the gym. I’m so profoundly grateful for the way my life has benefited because of the choice I made to sign up at Put It Up CrossFit and train there consistently.

I can’t wait for year two.

For more information about Put It Up CrossFit, check out the home page at