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The Other Total 11/5/13

Published November 5, 2013 by coachkatriel

Just to give a sample of my current training routine, I thought that every once in awhile I’d post one of my daily workouts.

Today we did a CrossFit Benchmark Workout called “The Other Total”

The Other Total:
3 attempts at a 1RM for:
Clean (Power or Squat) (I did 145-155-165)
Bench Press (I did 125-135-140)
Overhead Squat (I did 140-150-160)
Score is total of max weights successfully lifted.

My old PR on this workout was 440# and today I put up 465!

I was out of attempts on the Overhead Squat, but I went for 170 even though it wouldn’t count towards my total.
I tried for 175 also, but couldn’t jerk it overhead. But still, I got a PR on my Overhead Squat and a PR on my Other Total, so it was a pretty successful gym day!

Katriel Pull Up