No one likes burpees anyway

Published July 10, 2014 by coachkatriel


I’ve gotten to the point in my pregnancy where the list of movements I have to modify is much longer than the list of movements I don’t. Anything bodyweight or gymnasty or that involves bouncing is going to involve a modwod. Most things with a barbell, I can manage mostly…but if I have to pick it up from the floor, my stance will be significantly wider and depending on the day, it just might not work out.

The best part about being pregnant is being able to feel my baby girl move. I love that she’s getting stronger and that I can feel her move more now. I love that she likes to dance while I sing. I love that she kicks me in the morning if I’m slow getting up. I am learning to love and laugh at the comments I’ve gotten from people so far.

1. You look….uncomfortable.
2. No way you’re due in October! You’ll never last that long
and of course
3. I bet you pop tomorrow and have a perfectly normal healthy baby

I’m grateful for my husband for how well he’s been handling my crazy and my meltdowns and my panic attacks. And for being supportive of me in working out and eating healthy.

Third Trimester. Here we come!


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