First Trimester Food Stuffs

Published April 10, 2014 by coachkatriel

I have a very weird relationship with food. I kinda feel like a toddler in that one day I’ll be totally cool with eating something and the next day, I’ll spit it right out. Breakfast is the hardest because I’m tired all the time and try to sleep in until the last possible moment and then just chug down a protein shake real quick before I head out the door. Nope. Protein shakes are not sitting well in my tummy at all.

Fried eggs were the only source of protein that sounded good to me AT ALL for the first month and a half. Fried eggs. That’s it. And I’d have the hardest time getting up to make them myself because I’d feel weak and shakey and sick .

I also have to eat super consistently. If I have fried eggs, I’ll have a little bit longer than 2 hours before my body demands more food. If I don’t have protein, it’s closer to one hour. And hunger starts as “Hmm, I think I’m hungry” and quickly escalates to “If I don’t eat now I’m going to pass out or puke” and then turns into me yelling and saying mean things to my husband.

I’m truly a pleasure to be around right now.

Whenever I start to feel stressed out or overwhelmed or icky, I like to go over to my sister-in-law’s house and hold her baby. He’ll just sit there with his cute little eyes closed and his mouth half open and his chunky cheeks going wherever gravity takes them and he’ll cuddle on into me. And I think about how little miracles like my nephew are the reason girls like me decide they want to get pregnant and experience morning-late afternoon and evening nausea. The human body is amazing and strong and capable. I feel super blessed to be carrying one of God’s angels right now.

I’m also super lucky and blessed to have such a supportive husband. He is so sweet and so kind to me. I’ve been a nightmare to be around and he’s been so good at supporting me and reminding me to be kind to myself. He’s also been really understanding when I haven’t made dinner for two months since the smell of food cooking makes me sick as well. We’ve been scavengers, but I feel like the sick part is almost over so we’ll survive. He’s such a sweetheart! I love that guy a whole bunch.


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