Do Something Healthy Today

Published January 7, 2014 by coachkatriel

Now is the time of year where people are writing and sometimes share their resolutions for the New Year.  I think New Year Resolutions can be awesome because they help people to think about and identify some ways that they’d like to improve. I also am one to make grand resolutions that are broken in a manner of days, or sometimes hours. One problem with that is many of us have an ALL OR NOTHING attitude. EITHER I will 100% follow my resolutions, OR I will 100% go against everything I originally resolved to do. If I say, for example, I will not have any ice cream in 2014, and then I have one bite on accident, then I might as well eat the whole bowl or carton and buy another one since I’ve already FAILED.

And I hate that.

That failure word.

I was talking to someone who was coming off a rough week of eating poorly and missing workouts, and she told me she felt like a big loser. And I asked this question: If one of your friends came up to you and said they had a rough week with eating poorly or missing workouts, would you tell them they were a failure and a big loser and they should just give up? I sure hope not! We should give ourselves just as much love and respect that we would give to someone that we cared about.

You can’t fail unless you’ve stopped trying. 

So this year, I am resolving to do SOMETHING healthy each day. Not to do all things healthy or to do only healthy things. Not punishing myself with new diets or ridiculous exercise routines if I do something unhealthy. Focusing on the good things I DID do, learning from the slip ups along the way, and striving to do something healthy every single day. 


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