Seth’s Birthday and Getting Back on Track

Published January 3, 2014 by coachkatriel

Seth turned 27 on Sunday, and I get some worst wife ever points because 1. I didn’t order his birthday presents until the Friday before and 2. We woke up at 4:30 on his birthday to catch a plane home from Seattle 3. I didn’t have anything planned to celebrate his birthday when we got home. Didn’t have the stuff on hand to make his favorite meal (or actually any meals, to be honest, since we didn’t stock up on groceries before we left town) and I didn’t have a cake. I felt like a big loser. While he said it was totally fine, I still felt awful but I hoped his birthday presents would make up for it.

Seth's Birthday-All From Rogue Fitness

Seth’s Birthday-All From Rogue Fitness

His presents arrived today, which was awesome since I wasn’t expecting them until Monday. I got him a couple shirts from Rogue for Christmas as well as his very first ever pair of Nano3.0s. He’s been stuck in the Nano 2.0s since Christmas last year. One of the reasons I put off buying his presents for so long is I’d hoped the black and grey ones would come back in stock in his size-those are his favorites. But these ones are his second favorite. And we just heard that the Nano4.0s are coming out in October of this year. I sincerely hope Reebok puts out a new pair of CrossFit shoes every year so I’ll always score when buying a birthday present for Seth. Happy birthday sweetheart!

After a couple weeks of being off track with my eating, culminating in a weekend in Washington eating the many delicious creations that my Aunt prepared for my grandparent’s anniversary, my weight is up about 10 pounds (which is up 20 pounds from where I got it during the Paleo Challenge..bummer). I’ve been trying to refocus on eating vegetables and lean proteins and avoiding treats. One thing we have been doing very religiously is starting out each morning with a scoop of protein and a scoop of Green Vibrance. Green Vibrance tastes kinda like rabbit food smells, so the trick is to drink it really quickly and then try not to gag. I think I’m slowly getting used to it. Seth said everytime I have Green Vibrance in the morning, I’ll lose a pound of fat, which I’m sure is super accurate.

Coming up in the next couple days, Seth is going to guest post his tips on getting shredded as we’re both trying to cut down a little before the CrossFit Open starts on February 27th.

What are some things that you’re doing to get your nutrition back on track after the holidays?


One comment on “Seth’s Birthday and Getting Back on Track

  • Eating more fermented foods that are good for my tummy, cutting sweets which is really hard for me since I love ’em, but they don’t love me! Eating organic whenever possible, buying local/organic as much as possible here in Cache, making sauerkraut, kefir and having a portion of each one every day! Need to bump up the exercising and continue learning about fermentation (not making liquor here) and staying away from processed garbage which seems to be America’s food of choice…but hopefully the tide is turning…learn, knowledge and apply it that’s my goal!

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