Paleo Days Twenty-two through Twenty-four: The Cheat Meal Dreams

Published October 9, 2013 by coachkatriel

Every single night this week, my dreams have revolved around accidental cheat meals. My stress dreams used to include showing up late for work or forgetting my lines in a musical, but now it’s all about the cheat meals. I’m sure that’s related to the cheats I had over the weekend and the guilt I had about those. I wonder if there will come a day in my future where I don’t even dream eat ice cream, pizza, or cheeseburgers because those things are so far out of my system.

I’ve been focusing this week on having a protein, a fat, and a carb at every single meal. I cooked up a couple pounds of chicken on Sunday night and seasoned them deliciously with random spices from my cupboard, so at breakfast I’ll have some chicken and an apple with almond butter and I’ll take my multivitamin and fish oil then as well. Lunch will be again chicken, assorted veggies and some nuts, and maybe a piece of fruit as well. Seth went grocery shopping this week and bought a bunch of that meat that’s discounted because it’s going to expire in a couple of days, so for dinner I pick whichever meat is closest to expiration, add different spices to it, and then serve it with a steamed vegetable of some sort. Last night I wanted to make mashed sweet potatoes. I added butter to Seth’s, but I thought I’d try to make mine with an Indian twist so I added in a little bit of unsweetened almond milk and some curry powder. It did not turn out and I definitely don’t recommend it. The chicken thighs I made were really delicious though-curry powder, cumin, and red pepper and then roasted in the oven. I think I made about 3 pounds worth of it (it was all going to expire) and between the two of us, we ate all of it last night. We could probably stretch our budget farther if we used smaller portion sizes, I’m sure, so that’s another thing we have to work on.

One of the gals at my gym posted a question on facebook, asking what people do to help them stay focused on their goals. I like to write up my goal somewhere that I’ll see it every day and make sure I actually read it each day. It’s helpful also to read it out loud and starting with “I will…”

There was a cheesy internet meme thing the other day that turned success into an acronym that I found particularly helpful when you have a goal you’re trying to accomplish:
– See your goal
U – Understand the obstacles
C – Create a positive mental picture
C – Clear your mind of self doubt
E – Embrace the challenge
S – Stay on track
S – Show the world you can do it

Over the weekend, I think I had a hard time staying Paleo because my goal has been shifting around, and I’m not entirely sure how helpful Paleo is to helping me reach my goals. I like the focus on unprocessed whole foods and more vegetables. I also like the way I feel after a good Paleo meal. I like not feeling bloated. I like how much my skin has cleared up. I feel pretty low energy and irritable sometimes though, and I know some of that can be due to being too low in carbohydrate. I have still not been doing as many metcons as I’d like, and I usually find myself kind of panic eating in the evenings- all Paleo, but I feel like I’m eating a ton of food. Since the goal that I’m working towards right now is helping to qualify a team for Regionals in 2014, I really can’t afford to be lacking in my metcons. I’m not sure that it’s Paleo that’s leading to the missed metcons, or if it’s just my schedule right now. But all of you readers (hi moms!) are now my accountability team. I am going to do 4 metcons this week, and 5 metcons next week. And I’ll report back to you about how that goes.

What goals do you have right now that you need help with?


4 comments on “Paleo Days Twenty-two through Twenty-four: The Cheat Meal Dreams

    • You can start with some simple body weight exercises and do a mini circuit every other day. Like 10 body weight squats, 10 body weight lunges, 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 5 times through (modifying as necessary). And you’re one of the healthiest people I know 🙂 But planning ahead to make sure you have a protein, veggie,and healthy fat at every meal is very important!

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