Paleo Days Nineteen through Twenty-One: I Fell, and Got Back Up Again

Published October 6, 2013 by coachkatriel

I had two slip ups since Thursday.

On one of them, I was feeling upset about something and I knew there were four bars of chocolate from Lithuania in my freezer that I had as a gift from one of my clients (weird gift to your coach, but I appreciated it all the same). I figured that everyone else had probably had way more cheats than I had, so I grabbed that chocolate and nibbled away at it. I did not enjoy it nearly as much as I thought I would so I ended up throwing most of it away so it would stop tempting me. But then I ate a bowl of cereal as to get the most out of my cheat.

The other one, I had been trying to make a congratulations on being pregnant treat using some cute cookie cutters I’d purchased several months ago when I found out they were pregnant. But I forgot to buy flour to roll out the premade sugar cookie dough with, so it was sticking every where and I got frustrated so just ate the cookie dough piece by sticky piece off of the counter.

Three cheats in three weeks isn’t BAD, but I didn’t feel super good about it either.

So when we went out to eat the next couple nights, I picked the most paleo thing I could find on the menu and didn’t eat the chips at chilis or the rolls at texas roadhouse.

One little internet meme thing that I saw floating around several months ago said “You didn’t get skinny with one salad or one workout. You won’t get fat with one burger or one rest day.” It’s okay to be less than perfect in our endeavors sometimes, as long as we’re recommitting and always trying to redirect our paths toward our goals. I can’t go back in time and uneat the cookie dough or candy bars, but I can choose what I’ll do tomorrow and the next day.

Thanks to my awesome sister in law for always being so positive and encouraging with me while we were out this weekend! And thanks to my hubby for letting me experiment in the kitchen, even though sometimes it doesn’t turn out very well.


2 comments on “Paleo Days Nineteen through Twenty-One: I Fell, and Got Back Up Again

  • Great post and thank you for inspiring us all, even if we aren’t doing the Paleo, it still inspires me to eat healthier food….and encourages me not to eat all the cookie dough before they become cookies out of the oven! Keep up the great posts!…Thanks for sharing your experiences with us all.

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