Paleo Days Twelve-Fifteen: Soup

Published September 30, 2013 by coachkatriel

I had my first cheat of the challenge over the weekend. Seth and I hadn’t been on a date for a couple weeks and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 came out in theaters, so we caught a matinee showing and had candy, soda, and popcorn. My stomach still doesn’t quite feel right. I don’t think I’ll have a cheat meal again for awhile cause it just didn’t feel good.

Soup though.

I tested out two different paleo soups this weekend.

PaleOmg posted a simple creamy cauliflower and artichoke soup. Simple paleo is my kind of paleo, so I figured I’d test it out. I didn’t really measure anything, and the first time I tried it, that technique worked out just fine. I ended up eating the entire soup myself, with 1/2 pound of bacon to garnish. I loved it, but when I tried to duplicate it a few days later, I used way too much cauliflower and the soup was a little to watery for my liking. Best to stick to the recipe and atleast try to measure. I would definitely recommend this soup!

How Sweet Eats posted a thai butternut squash soup that I was dying to try. So I told my sweet mama to make it for me while I was up over the weekend. I didn’t serve mine with cilantro or peanuts. I ate mine with some turkey on the side, but thought it would taste good served over some of my oven roasted chicken thighs. If I make it again, I might add some additional curry powder to up the flavor even more. Because it was good. There’s some extra sitting in my brother’s fridge and I need to figure out how to snag it from him.

What are some recipes that you’ve tried?


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