Paleo Day Eleven: Pizza?

Published September 26, 2013 by coachkatriel

I’m not sure which I want more right now: pizza, or babies.

For those who don’t know me, this means the cravings are pretty bad right now.

Partly because it’s Thursday and the start of my “weekend”

Partly because they were eating pizza in the TV show I was just watching.

Partly because I kinda want a baby, but pizza is more affordable right now.

I’m used to snacking nonstop on Thursdays (I have a problem, people) and I could feel myself going crazy. But the only things I allowed myself to eat were cucumbers and cashews, and neither tastes very much like pizza.

I’ve heard there are some recipes that try to mimic a paleo pizza. But I’m not interested in having pizza that doesn’t taste like grease, cheese, and bread. Not paleo.

I’ve read a bit about willpower throughout my coaching career, and the general consensus is that willpower is like a muscle-meaning it can both be strengthened and overused. One way to succeed is to make it less convenient to fail. In order to prevent an overuse injury to the willpower muscle, I’ve taken myself to the gym where I’ll coach for two hours before going home and eating some more dead animals and vegetables and getting a massage, since I have enough pride left to not eat pizza while I coach or while I’m getting a massage. And as I continue to avoid eating the pizza and continue realizing how much better I feel without it, my willpower against it will be strengthened. Or so goes the theory.

I can avoid the pizza. I will avoid the pizza. I will go stretch and get ready for my class so I stop saying the word pizza…


2 comments on “Paleo Day Eleven: Pizza?

  • Great job on resisting the temptation…I won’t say the word _ _ _ _ _! I also think it’s great that you went to the gym to coach for two, that is dedication. Maybe this weekend you’ll discover some interesting paleo recipes that taste delicious too!

    • I tell some of the people that I coach if I need help avoiding food, I’ll paint my nails because I can’t put food in my mouth when my nails are wet. My nails have been changing colors quite often over this paleo challenge 🙂

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