Paleo Days Eight and Nine: I Want Pasta

Published September 24, 2013 by coachkatriel

Yesterday, I didn’t lift too heavy because my knee was being grumpy and felt like my body needed a day off so I went home before the conditioning part. All I could think about was pasta shells. Little pasta shells cooked up nice and perfect, cooled down and dressed in some olive oil and herbs. Or dressed in cheese. With some bacon (to make it a little more paleo)

Instead, I ate an entire rotisserie chicken while watching How I Met Your Mother reruns. And then brushed my teeth. And didn’t make pasta. It’s harder to stay tough when I feel tired, but then I think of the fact that I put money down to do this challenge and I think of the people I know who are doing the challenge right along side me, and I brush my teeth again. Because minty pasta doesn’t sound very good, and I can’t eat it if there’s a toothbrush in my mouth.

I did not do as well on the meal prep this week since I was gone all weekend, but I do have some leftover stuff from this weekend and some chicken breasts still in the fridge. I’m planning to go to Costco on Thursday and buying a huge bag of broccoli and a bajillion chicken thighs.

So far on Paleo:

  • I feel like my complexion is clearing up a little bit. I’ve heard that paleo can help with that, and I’m hoping that in another 7 weeks, I’ll be able to see even more of a difference there.
  • When I wake up first thing in the morning and stare in the bathroom mirror and lift up my shirt and suck it in as hard as I can, my abs are way flatter now than they were a few weeks ago. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen them as flat as they are (when it’s first thing before I’ve eating anything, and I’m sucking it in as hard as I can)
  • I accidentally put my skinniest of skinny jeans in the dryer last week which usually would mean I could pull them up to my knees and then it would require about 15 minutes of determined scooting and maneuvering to get them all the way up. I was able to put them on this morning with just a little bit of extra jumping up and down.

So it’s worth it so far.


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