Paleo Day Two: The Happiness Advantage

Published September 17, 2013 by coachkatriel

After I whined to all of you yesterday, I grabbed my cell phone and called my sweet Momso while I went on a weirdo walk. My mood instantly improved as we chatted and I headed to the gym with a smile on my face, had an awesome workout, and made an awesome (AND PALEO) dinner with a little bit left over for lunch today. (Really it was just some oven roasted vegetables with some lean beef. but I LOOOVE oven roasted vegetables and they always bring a smile to my face)

On my way out the door to work today, I grabbed a book that has been sitting on a chair in my room for awhile called The Happiness Advantage, written by Shawn Achor.

This paragraph stood out to me as I was reading between coaching sessions:

“…our brains are like single processors capable of devoting only a finite amount of resources to experiencing the world. Because our brain’s resources are limited, we are left with a choice: to use those finite resources to see only pain, negativity, stress, and uncertainty, or to use those resources to look at things through a lens of gratitude, hope, resilience, optimism, and meaning. In other words, while we of course can’t change reality through sheer force of will alone, we can use our brain to change how we process the world, and that in turn changes how we react to it. Happiness is not about lying to ourselves or turning a blind eye to the negative, but about adjusting our brain so that we see the ways to rise above our circumstances.” (p.63, emphasis added)

I know this is so true. Our attitude impacts EVERYTHING-our health, our fitness, our relationships, our careers. And it’s important to remember that our attitude is a choice. So if you’re feeling like I felt yesterday and you’re focusing on how hungry you feel and how tired you are and how bad your head hurts and how miserable that makes you, try to see what positive spin you can put on your situation or what you can be grateful for about your day, see what you can change about your choices that day or the next to avoid some of those struggles, or see if there’s anything you can do right then to bring a smile to your face and heart.

So today, I listened to the Broadway station on Pandora while I did my makeup, wore my favorite sweater-one that Seth got for me while we were on our super fun vacation this summer-over a tank top in my favorite color, ate a healthy breakfast while reading my bible, packed my favorite lunch, and read a positive book between coaching sessions. My head does not hurt and I’m not hungry. Today is a much better day because I decided to make it that way and fill it with little things that would boost my mood.

What are some things that YOU do to make it a great day?



2 comments on “Paleo Day Two: The Happiness Advantage

  • Thank you Katriel for sharing these great thoughts and actions that we can choose. Definitely will read the book The Happiness Advantage and work on the attitude improvement exercises along with my regular exercises here at home. Great writing and really enjoy your descriptions. keep ’em coming!

    lots of love,
    the momso

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