Paleo Day One: The Incredible Matcha Headache

Published September 16, 2013 by coachkatriel

I weighed myself in today and took measurements as part of my first “journal” entry of the Paleo challenge. I know I said I’m on a scale fast, but since one of my goals was weight related, I wanted to make sure I could have the data to back up whether or not I made my goal.
Biggest plus so far? I definitely feel skinnier already. Maybe also a little bit hungry because I didn’t plan for snacks very well at all. I would absolutely love an apple with some almond butter right about now.
Biggest problem so far? I’ve got a caffeine addiction.
Every day at about 1:30 for probably the last year or so, I make myself a cold Matcha tea drink. Because the tea is not steeped and the whole leaf is consumed, it packs a lot of vitamins and antioxidants in this natural energy boosting supplement and only has 25 calories a packet.  And I love it. Since I’d been sick for a good 4 days straight and hadn’t had any matcha, I didn’t even think about today being a problem.
At about 2:00, it became all I could think about so I searched the rules, the forums, the top questions…
Verdict is? Unsweetened tea is appropriate in moderation.
I quickly grabbed my box of matcha and looked at the ingredients list.
Right after maltodextrin, natural and artificial flavors, I saw sugar.
Nope. Bummer. It may be clean and healthy and delicious and magical and wonderful, but it is not paleo.
I don’t drink coffee, and soda’s obviously a no-no. Preworkouts are also not paleo.
Wonder how many days till this caffeine headache goes away?

So that’s day one so far. Hungry and have a headache. Looking forward to my preworkout snack. And definitely buying some almond butter on my way home from the gym.


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