Paleo Prep Week 1

Published September 15, 2013 by coachkatriel

Signed up today officially for the LuRong Living Paleo Challenge. I’ve been sick since Thursday and have missed several workouts and am ready to get back on track with my fitness goals. From where I am right now with the bloat up from the weekend anniversary festivities (Sweetheart if you’re reading this, happy anniversary and I love you. Thanks for making all of my dreams come true) I want to lose about 20 pounds. I looked through the Clean (Encouraged) and Clean (Moderation) lists recommended by LuRong Living, and I’m going to do my best to stick just on the enjoy list.

I’ve been doing meal prep for the past several hours. The hardest part for me is finding a protein, so I made some breakfast muffins using 5 whole eggs, 6 egg whites, about 1 pound of 93%lean ground beef, and 2 cups of shredded spinach that I cooked up in the oven. The egg mixture spilled all over the place and dripped on the bottom of the oven and then the muffin tin was impossible to clean. But I got as much of the cooked mixture out of the pan as I could and put it in little baggies for breakfasts for the week. For lunches, I baked up 6 chicken breasts in the oven (After I cleaned the egg drips off the bottom) without any seasonings or anything and then I’ll mix and match them with different vegetables throughout the week. I’ve got spinach, carrots, broccoli, and sweet potatoes right now that I’ll cook up as needed and some more approved meats in the fridge for dinners.

Since Seth’s trying to gain 20 pounds and is not doing the Paleo challenge, his breakfasts for the week are going to be his traditional protein shake (2 scoops of protein, 1 scoop greens powder, 1/2 cup of oatmeal) blended up with an apple and a slice of toast on the side. I’ve observed that his hardest time to get in food is in the middle of the day, so I’m making him what we call “Chickie Cheesesteaks” which are NOT even a little bit paleo, but  will help him to gain weight. And they’re really tasty 🙂 I make the lazy version where I don’t make a roux with flour and butter, I just sprinkle cheese on top of the roll after I’ve put the shredded chicken thighs, green peppers, and onions inside. He’ll eat one straight out of the oven, and then I’ll put the other 5 in the fridge for him to grab quickly on the way to school so he can have something to eat during the day.

That’s all the meal prep I’ve done so far, but I know that the things I do in advance will help me in those frantic moments.

The two biggest challenges to the Paleo lifestyle that I’m anticipating are going to be this weekend while we’re at a CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification (but we’ll be staying with my awesome in-laws who have an incredible garden in their back yard so I’m sure that one will be able to work out) and towards the end of October when we go on a weekend trip for my brother’s wedding on the other side of the country (Friday and Sunday will both be spent in the airport and Saturday will be wedding festivities from dawn until the middle of the night). If any of you have any ideas for Paleo on the go, paleo in airports, or paleo when you’re staying with people you haven’t seen since you were two years old, let me know!

Let me know what ideas you have about meal preparation and paleo preparation!


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