Signing up for the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge

Published September 11, 2013 by coachkatriel


I’m a scale-a-holic. I weigh myself everytime I go to the gym (Which is sometimes twice a day) before and after my workout. And I have a bad habit of looking at the number and using it to determine my self worth of the day (With the number on the scale being inversely proportionate to how awesome I am-bigger number, less awesome. I’ve also factored in the days of the weeks with a different ideal weight number for each day of the week) If my number was higher than I wanted it to be, I’d get depressed, not want to workout, be really snappy at people…If the number was lower than I’d anticipated, all of a sudden I’d feel really awesome, be super psyched to workout, and love talking to people. Since the numbers game was not working out in the favor of the people I coach (grumpy coach…sorry) I’ve temporarily grounded myself from the scale.

It’s a little bit nervewracking, not knowing where my weight is at. I’ve had to focus more on how I feel or how my clothes fit.

The other thing I’ve done recently is put my goals at the forefront of my focus. My computer at work and my cell phone both have the wallpaper of the CrossFit Games logo. I have my goal written up on my bathroom mirror.

I’ve also been trying to leave my phone at home when I go to the gym, focusing on mobilizing my calves for 5-15 minutes before I get started, and then working in with Julia (Hi Julia!!!) because she’s stronger than I am and it’s much harder to slack off on my strength sets when she’s there putting up heavy weights right next to me. She’s a great training partner. If you don’t have a Julia to train with, I suggest you try to find one.

Because gymnastics skill work is top on my list of things to improve before the CrossFit Open next year, I’ve decided to join the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge to drop some body fat so there’s less of me to dip, muscle-up, pistol squat, and handstand push up. I know I’ve spoken against Paleo as a lifestyle before, but I think doing an 8 week paleo challenge will help motivate me to stay with it for the next couple months while I hit the gymnastics skill work extra hard.

If dropping body fat is something you’re interested in well, I highly recommend signing up for this challenge along with me. It does cost $50, but if you think of all the money you’ll be saving by skipping pizza nights, popcorn at the movie theater, sushi dates, and Saturday night ice cream binges, it really pays for itself. If you need more convincing, read this article as well.

So I will have to break my scale fast a couple times according to the challenge schedule for different weigh-ins, but I’m going to not weigh or measure outside of scheduled weigh and measure times. I’m going to keep my focus on my long term goal, and I’m hoping to make some serious strides over the next few months!

And if you’ve signed up for the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge, I’m excited to be part of your paleo support group. We’re going to have a grand ol’ time!


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