WODsomniac Molten Lava Edition

Published September 4, 2013 by coachkatriel

To say I was excited for WODsomniac would be a total lie.

I was so incredibly nervous. And tired. And stressed. And feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. And hadn’t been training consistently for about a month, really struggling with controlling my emotions and keeping my head in the game. And with all that negative running through my head, I had a hard time saying “Woohoo! 24 hours of CrossFit!” Because what I wanted to do was stay at home and sleep and eat chocolate. (all 3, simultaneously.) Mostly I was afraid that we wouldn’t do as well as we had in January.

But I also didn’t want to let my team down. I didn’t want to lose face at my gym, because the only thing that feels worse than coming in last is not trying at all.

So I pretty much stayed negative and grumpy on the car ride up, after we’d checked in, and as we were waiting to get started.

But in those moments before the first workout started, hearing the loud music, the energy of the crowd, and after talking through the game plans with the team, I decided to take it one WOD at a time, do my best and forget the rest. I had a pretty good idea of how I thought it would feel since we’d done it before, and I tried to just keep my head on straight. I felt determined and even though I knew it would be hard, I wanted to give it my best.

One of the coolest moments from the first WOD was racing in the lane right next to one of the other teams from my gym. I had to stop myself from getting distracted as they were going because I was just so impressed by how fast they were going! I knew they were all good athletes, and it was cool to see them really shining in the heat of the competition. I think this was probably the moment where I remembered why I compete. Not because I know I can win, because I can’t win all the time, but because I know I can improve and I know I push myself harder in the competition that I would by myself at the gym. It also reminded me why WODsomniac was fun. It’s fun to watch people that I train with, people I help coach, people I care about doing their best and doing well.

I’m grateful for my teammates for staying positive with me the whole time. I feel like bonding over WODsomniac last time helped us to be even stronger as a unit this time. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and even though we all can be very competitive, we never talked each other down and instead built each other up. One thing I appreciate about my team is they’d stop me if I’d start to talk myself down, forcing me to be positive with myself.

One of my favorite moments was the moment when I got the 160# clean + jerk. I have a bad habit of getting intimidated by the weight and using negative self talk to bring myself down. There was no place for negative self talk during this workout though, as the positive energy of the crowd and of my teammate helped me to stay in the right frame of mind for putting it up.

Probably my most favorite workout was the middle of the night workout with axle bar cleans, ski ergs, and training masks. I love cleans and while I don’t think I’ve used an axle bar before, I had put our fat grips on the bar doing cleans before and felt pretty confident with those. I was also excited to use the ski erg because we’d never tried one out before-it was nice to be able to go in one of the later heats to be able to watch the different techniques so I could try to pick up tips.

Another favorite moment was watching Todd bust out the bar muscleups like they were nothing. I was terrified when they announced bar muscleups in the final, but when I remembered who my teammates were, I felt a lot better.

We did a couple things differently this time. One of those things? We got a hotel. Oh my goodness. So happy about this decision. We split the cost of the room with our teammates, so when the boys finished their workout at 2 am and we didn’t have a WOD again until 6am, we drove 15 minutes to a hotel, showered, put on a clean change of clothes, and slept ON A BED. And let me just say, I always feel a bajillion and ten times better when I feel clean. Probably the worst part of WODsomniac last January for me was being wet and cold after the 5K and not being able to get dry and warm fast enough. Of course, this was a little different since I was never really cold, but if we do another winter WODsomniac, I definitely would want to get a hotel again to make sure I can get warm, clean, and dry before continuing on with the competition.

The other thing we did this time was we brought four teams instead of two. And again, so happy about that decision. It was fun to watch athletes that I’ve trained with for months competing against athletes from 10 other boxes and show what PUT IT UP really is all about. And the cheering section that came with having four teams instead of two was inspiring. Looking out into the audience during WODs, I could always easily spot a familiar face and hearing them cheering us on-even in our middle of the night workouts-was such an amazing feeling. I know there are a lot of athletes at our gym who were on the fence about competing this time around, but I’m confident we’ll be able to bring even more teams to the next event since that energy is really contagious. I am so grateful for our Put It Up family and for my Bates and Berbert families for being so supportive and staying so positive the whole time. AND. So grateful for Wes and Cheryl for being willing to give out massages between events. My goodness. Game changer right there because my quads were fireballs of pain and I know getting massaged helped them to feel better for the rest of the workouts.

Things got real serious real fast when one of the girls competing got injured during the 10-3-10. My first instinct was to panic—was she okay? Would she be okay? How serious is her injury? Will she be able to recover? My stomach was in knots. While we waited outside for the ambulance to come, I sat down and closed my eyes to meditate and pray and focus on deep breathing. My state of mind going into the 10-3-10 was probably better than any other workout because I’d focused on staying so calm. We were able to stick with our game plan exactly, and were able to do what we had to do to make it to the final event.

I’ve written on my mirror at home my personal CrossFit goal and talked with Seth about action plans. I know my gymnastics and attitude need a lot of work, and I know I need to bring my strength and conditioning up as well. I’m grateful to have a coach/husband who believes in me and who believes I can achieve my goals.

Thanks again to everyone who supported our teams and made WODsomniac such a positive experience. I hope you all consider competing in the future, even if you’re scared. It’s totally worth it.


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