CrossFit Games 2013

Published July 30, 2013 by coachkatriel
REst Stop Wod

We started driving at 6:04am. Seth insisted that we do a rest stop WOD at around 9:00. We did a 20 minute partner AMRAP alternating rounds with 30 double unders, 15 kettlebell swings, and 5 burpees. We did it alternating style so we could take pictures of each other for proof 🙂

I’ve never been a big fan of road trips. Although I am terrified of planes, I would so much rather fly places than drive. Growing up in a big family, plane trips weren’t very economical so we would drive everywhere. Road trips were miserable because with 10 people in the car, odds are atleast one person would be carsick, one person would be crying, one person would have gas, and we were all so crammed in together with our suitcases that it was impossible to get comfortable. But when we were planning out our vacation, I picked a road trip over a plane ride after pricing everything out. I hadn’t been on a road trip for a couple years, and had never been on a road trip with my husband so was really excited for the adventure.

The drive went by really quickly. It helped that we broke it up with a workout and stopping for food. I drove most of the way on the way there which helped things go more quickly as well. I love car rides with my husband because we can just talk and talk and talk for hours and we tease each other and laugh alot.

When we got to California, the first thing I wanted to do after checking in at our hotel was go see the ocean. I love the ocean. Because we’re not locals and don’t go on vacation very often at all, we had a hard time finding a place to park and finding a good beach to go to. By the time we figured everything out, it was already freezing so we ended up just eating and going back to our hotel.

Friday we slept in a little bit, ate breakfast down in our hotel room (And played spot the CrossFitter…our hotel was infested with them and it was awesome) and then drove into Carson for the Games. As we were walking in, we saw Chris Spealler and Cherie Chan rushing off to a media booth somewhere. We didn’t get there right at the beginning of the day so the lines were pretty short to get in and we just found a seat in the stadium off to the side. Conveniently though, our seat was located right next to the athlete tent so we could see all the high level CrossFitters warming up. So much fitness!!

After watching the first event for the day, we went exploring in vendor village.

Overhead Squat

While it was abosolutely amazing to watch all the incredible athletes that participated in the Games, we also really enjoyed spending several hours exploring “Vendor Village” where different companies offered supplements, clothing, and advertisements for their various companies. There were also some competitions and we had fun participating in those as well!

Rogue flag

We loved looking at all the different equipment and clothes! We spent all our lunch money on new things to wear at the gym. Luckily, there were freebies at every supplement booth so we never felt hungry!

Vendor village was crazy! The first place I wanted to go was to the NorCal booth to get a Miranda tanktop. Seth got a Khalipa Smash and a Bozman No Rep shirt. We walked from booth to booth, talking to the different vendors, exchanging business cards, and occasionally getting free stuff like t-shirts and supplements for being affiliate owners. We tried out some different little competitions to try and win free stuff, and got pretty close a couple times too. We came home that day with I think three big bags of stuff that we’d purchased and been given, dropped it all off at the hotel and headed back to the beach for round two.

The beach weather was beautiful! Definitely chilly, not really sun tanning weather, but absolutely beautiful. We spent the afternoon just walking up and down the beach, talking about life.

Seth looks for seals

Of course, no trip to California would be complete without stopping at the beach. Here’s Seth at Redondo Beach wearing his Aja Barto shirt from Rogue looking for seals!



Katriellee on the beach

I love standing on the beach and letting the waves come up and grab my troubles away. It was an emotionally refreshing experience. The beach is my happy place and I’m excited to be able to go back…hopefully soon!

Next day was the same routine: watch some CrossFit, see some athletes, explore vendor village, and then back to the beach. Except Saturday, we decided to rent bikes at a little bike place on the beach. I don’t know who said the word “tandem bike” first, but we joked about how funny that would be, and then there was one right there just begging us to ride it. We took off headed north up the coast line. It was incredible. I could have kept going forever, but the bike shop closed at 7 so we had a little bit of a limit there. We ate dinner at Captain Kidd’s Fish Market, and the cute gal running the cash register told us the shark was super fresh-they just killed it yesterday.

ON a bicycle built for two

One thing Seth and I like to do together is go on long bike rides and just explore. We rented a tandem bicycle in Redondo and headed north along side the beach. Definitely one of my favorite memories of the trip!

I was a little bit of a stick in the mud on Sunday because I did not feel well. We still went to watch the morning events, but ended up heading back to our hotel to watch the final event just on our TV.  After watching Rich Froning Three-Peat with Jason Khalipa a close second, we decided to just go for a drive and explore. We ended up in Santa Monica and parked for a little bit to check out the pier and say goodbye to the ocean.

After watching the CrossFit Games and seeing those incredible athletes up close and in person, I am so excited to get back to my training routine and my regular nutrition habits. I don’t know if I have the dedication or determination myself to do what it takes to make it to the CrossFit Games, but I do think I could make it to Regionals someday if I put some effort into it. This trip was good for me in terms of remotivating me and helping me to really see what is possible to accomplish physically.

I can’t say enough also about how good it was to spend 5 days with just me and my sweetheart. Because of our different work schedules, we only get to spend time with each other at the gym or after the gym or first thing in the morning when both of us are tired and have different stresses and are focused on different things. Even on the weekend, we rarely get just me and him time. It was nice for 5 whole days to just worry about each other and to leave everything else and everyone else behind. I love my husband and I’m grateful to have him as my partner through life. And I’m grateful for the opportunity we had to go to the CrossFit Games and take a vacation from our normal routine!


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