WODsomniac 2013: A Competitor’s Perspective

Published January 28, 2013 by coachkatriel

4pm: Registration Open at CMC

Photo Cred Mom

Photo Cred Mom

Seth and I arrived at Copper Mountain CrossFit, 30 minutes early for registration. We were shown the different areas we’d be using. One area was their actual CrossFit facility and the other was the big empty room next door. One area of the big empty room was designated as the athlete tent zone, the other was measured out for some of the competitions. We checked in, brought in our stuff, and sat on the concrete to wait. Slowly, other athletes started to trickle in as well. We sat there munching on apples and PB+J just watching other people come in and claim their spots. Our gym members set up camp right next to us and shared their camping supplies so we wouldn’t have to sit on the floor anymore. We chatted away to relieve our nerves. We looked through the heat list and learned that for the first five events, our team was in heat 1, lane 2.

6pm: Team WOD #1 – Burpees, box overs, dead lifts
For this workout, each team member had to perform one round of 21 Deadlifts (205# for men, 135# for women), 15 bag burpees (65# for men, 40# for women) and 9 box overs (24″ for men, 20″ for women). There was also a sled (I’m not sure how much it weighed) that you’d have to push from station to station. After finishing the box overs, you’d have to flip around and pull the sled back to the starting line before the second athlete could begin.

I was the first athlete from our team to start. Deadlifts are easy for me, so at 3-2-1-GO, I was off and finished before anyone else. I pushed the sled past the line for the burpees and started as quickly as I could. I’m not so good at burpees and was passed up by the other girls as I struggled. I tried to maintain my pace and never stop moving. Burpees done, I pushed the sled to the boxes and jumped up to do my first box over…and totally biffed it, tripping over the box and landing on my knees skidding across. The judge “NO-REP”-ed me and I started over. Again, I moved as quickly as I could, though that ended up being much slower than everyone else. I pulled the sled back to the starting line, struggling a bit at the beginning trying to figure out the best way to move with the sled. Then Nicole took off.

I couldn’t seem to catch my breath as I was watching our other athletes. I couldn’t breathe deeply because my chest hurt so badly every time I tried. It was a little terrifying.

After Nicole, went Seth, then Todd and our team finished with a time of 13:12. It took me awhile to feel normal again, but when I did I was ready and excited to go again.

9pm: WOD #2 – “Carry Me Home” (girls)
This workout involved 20 dumbbell Ground to Overheads with a 40# dumbbell and then partner carries 20m down and 20m back. While one partner was doing the GtOs, the other had to be holding a fat bar deadlift at 75#. Each partner had to do 2 rounds, alternating back and forth, for a total of 4 rounds. We both wore football gloves to help our grip.

Photo Cred Ali Sumsion Photography

Photo Cred Ali Sumsion Photography

I started on the deadlift hold and Nicole started on the GtOs. While the bar itself wasn’t heavy, it got a little tiring to hold on to it while Nicole powered through her reps. My parents, husband and some gym members stood right behind Nicole so I could see each of their faces and I knew I couldn’t let them down. I did not let go of the bar until Nicole was done with her set.
I outweigh Nicole by 30-40 pounds, so carrying me was a bit of a struggle for her. She powered through, though and then it was time for me to do the GtOs.

I’d been practicing the GtOs with a 50# deadlift back at our gym, so the 40# version was significantly easier. With our supporters right behind us, I could hear them calling my name and cheering me on. Nicole right in front of me cheered me on as she held onto the deadlift bar. She jumped on my back and I ran with her as quickly as I could.

We each did another round and finished with a time of 5:25.

10:30pm: WOD #3 – “Carry Me Home” (guys)
This workout is the same as the one for the girls, but the guys used a 65# dumbbell and I think the bar they had to hold was 115#. Todd and Seth were taller than the guys they were racing, but are both incredibly strong and quick, and finished with a time of 4:58.

Photo Cred WODsomniac

Photo Cred WODsomniac

Midnight: WOD#4 – Burpee Blitz (Mixed WOD, 1 guy, 1 girl)
Todd and I did this workout. It was 10 alternating rounds of 8 burpees to a 15# plate followed by 2 20m shuttle sprints. We had to wear elevation training masks set at 9000ft the whole time.

I went first. I tried to focus on controlling my breathing and keeping up a steady pace. On the shuttle runs, I tried to push as hard as I could, knowing I could lift my mask when I was done while Todd went.

The scariest part for me was on my 3rd round and 2nd sprint, I hadn’t been breathing very well, and I started to see black spots in my vision. That’s always been my body’s sign that I’m about to black out. I tried to shake out the black spots and I made it back and was able to catch my breath a little bit before I had to go again. When I finished my last round I ripped off my mask and sat and breathed while my vision cleared up.

Todd rocks at burpees and blasted through each of his rounds very quickly. He carried us on this workout.

Because I was so slow, we finished this WOD in 16th place with a time of 7:47. A little demoralizing. I was very grateful to be done wearing the mask.

Seth and I took a short nap after this workout before it was time for him to get warmed up for “The FRANimal”

Photo Cred Ali Sumsion Photography

Photo Cred Ali Sumsion Photography

1:45am: WOD#5 – The “FRAN”imal (Mixed WOD, 1 guy, 1 girl)
Seth and Nicole did this WOD. It was a 6 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible in 6 minutes) of 9 Thrusters (95/65) and 9 Pull-ups, wearing an elevation training mask set to 9000ft.

Nicole started off our team, blazing through her round.

Seth kept up beautiful form and pushed through each time.

They alternated back and forth, back and forth, neither showing any signs of weakness or slowing.

They finished with a total 162 reps and a 3rd place finish for the workout.

After this workout, we had a couple hours to rest before the next workout. We climbed into our little tent and ate some food, drank some water, and slowly drifted off to sleep, the four of us crammed into the tiny little tent.

It was hard to get comfortable on the thin mattress pads on the cement, but I cuddled into Seth, leaning my head on Nicole’s shoulder, and managed to doze off for an hour or two.

Waking up in the morning after only a few short hours of sleep was rough. I took comfort in the fact that I was surrounded by other athletes in the exact same condition. We were all tired, we were all stiff, we were all sore…but we all were going to get up anyway because we’re CrossFitters and that’s what we do.

6:30am: Skillz – Max Lifts (one guy, one girl)
This workout gave each team 4 minutes to find their max consecutive pullups, 8 minutes to find their 1 rep max weighted dip, and 12 minutes to find their 1 rep max hang clean. I wasn’t able to watch Seth and Nicole do this workout, because I was off doing the other skill test with Todd. But Seth got a 10 pound PR on his hang clean, and Nicole did a dip with like 70 pounds!  They placed second in this workout and I wish someone would have got a picture or two of them during the event.

Photo Cred WODsomniac

Photo Cred WODsomniac

7:30am: Skillz – 5k Run (other guy, other girl)
This workout was the one that I had a bit of a panic attack over the day before and the day of. When the Skill tests were announced, and I knew I would have to be the one to run, I got incredibly nervous because unfortunately I absolutely SUCK at running. It’s a horrible weakness I have. I always get sideaches, always have to walk some of it, and always feel horrible about myself before, after, and during. I did my best throughout the competition to focus on one workout at a time, but I was anxious and nervous about this one. I was able to watch a couple rounds of the max lifts skill test and I wanted to be able to do that workout SO BAD. But, at 7:30, along with Kenna from the other Put It Up CrossFit team, bundled up from head to toe, I walked to the lake that we’d be running around. The judges counseled us to be very careful because of all the ice and snow and to stick to the trail because it was very easy to get lost. The boys set off first, and we set off 5 minutes later.

Kenna and I started at the end of the pack and soon all the other ladies disappeared in front of us. We kept our own little pace and tried to keep running the whole time. My side and hip and her back hurt, but we tried to talk about other things that would distract us and to help us keep going. There were a couple times where we reached forks in the road and had to make our best guess about which way to go. We ended up making several wrong turns, even after receiving directions from some of the judges. Our 5K turned into a “WHAT THE HECK” K, and we finished in a little bit under an hour. With the fog being so dense, and with us having no idea where we were or how to get back, I cried when we finally got back to our tent because I’d been so scared, and was so relieved, but at the same time, so incredibly disappointed in myself. The people running the event said we weren’t the only ones to get lost, and felt awful that it had happened. They ended up cutting the points down for that event so our finish wouldn’t hurt us so much in the standings.

Photo Cred...ME

Photo Cred…ME

10:00am: WOD#6 – 10-3-10 (guys)
This workout was one of the more fun workouts.
It started off with a 10 minute AMRAP of 20 front squats at 95#, 15 box overs at 24″ and then 10 HSPU (Hand Stand Push Ups)
Then, after 1 minute of rest, they had 3 minutes to get as many rope climbs as they could.
Immediately after the rope climbs, they each had to row 500m, perform 20 snatches, and then 50 double unders, in follow the leader style.
Seth and Todd were INCREDIBLE on this workout. They took 1st place overall for this event, with a 4th place finish in the first amrap, first place for the rope climbs, and then I believe another 1st place finish for the last workout as well. It was an outstanding effort from both of them. Seth asked me before the event to always be where he could see me, so I’d move to be where he could see me and I cheered as loud as I could. I was so proud of my man. And so happy to give him a big sweaty hug after.

Photo Cred Mom

Photo Cred Mom

12:30pm: WOD#7 – 10-3-10 (girls)
At this point in the day, we’d held onto a fifth place overall standing. There were only a few points between us and fourth place. We knew that in order to take 4th place, we would have to dominate this workout.

Nicole and I worked well together on this workout. Our strategy was to keep up a good pace on the first 10 minutes but not redline, then to let Nicole take the lead on the rope climbs, and for me to start us off for the last workout.

We got 5 rounds on the first ten minutes, which was an 11th place finish. One of the highlights for me here was getting 7 HSPU in a row, an all time record. I let Nicole take most of the HSPU because she is better at these, but I was happy to be able to contribute. I tried to take most of the front squats, but we just worked together and talked back and forth to make sure we were helping each other out.

Nicole started us off on the rope climbs. We alternated back and forth going up the rope until there was a little under a minute left. I headed over to the rower and she did two more climbs up the rope, giving us a total 10 ascents. Seth admitted later that he had been worried about me with the rope climbs since they’re not something that I had practiced very much. He was pleasantly surprised and very proud after watching us.

I started off on the 500m row, and PR’d my 500m row time, rowing at a 1:30 pace for most of the time. My body felt shot afterwards so I broke up my snatches into sets of 4, but finished my 20 reps before Nicole finished her row.

I messed up a couple times on the double unders, but ended with a nice long set. I turned around when I was done to cheer on Nicole. She finished with a time of 7:39, giving us the 4th place finish that we needed to move up to 4th place overall. When we finished the workout, my brother and his cute girlfriend were there (I didn’t know that they would be coming) and it was great to see them and know that they’d come to support.

Photo Cred Mom

Photo Cred Mom

3:15pm: WOD#8 – Habra Sangre (All Team-Mixed Pairs)
At this point in the competition, there was only one point keeping us in 4th place above the 5th place team. Because we were in fourth, we got to go in the final heat and we had the advantage of knowing the time of the team we had to beat in order to keep our fourth place finish.

This workout started out with Seth rowing 400M while I held a dip in the up position.
The dip part was easy because Seth is a super fast rower. My arms were a little shaky, but I distracted myself by making faces at people and kicking my legs nonchalantly.

When he finished his 400m, we switched places. I rowed the fastest I’ve ever rowed, beating even my pace from earlier.

Nicole and Todd took our place at the rower and dip station, and we moved on to do Wallballs. While Seth did wallballs, I had to hold a sandbag in the front rack position. We switched off every 20-15 reps and tried to keep up a fast pace. Nicole and Todd finished their rows just as soon as we finished the wallballs. Seth and I stepped back to cheer for them. They finished their wallballs in a time of 9:19, only 9 seconds behind the first place finisher, giving us a second place finish for the workout and securing our 4th place overall.

Photo Cred Mom

Photo Cred Mom

Overall, this was an awesome experience. In true CrossFit fashion, it highlighted my weaknesses and let me know where I needed to improve. But it also brought our team and our gym together closer than we’d been before. It meant a lot to me to be able to participate in this extremely demanding competition with my husband competing right along with me. I know I pushed myself harder in this event than I would have if it were an individual event because I didn’t want to let my team down. My teammates are all superstars, and I know if it weren’t for me slowing them down on the burpees and on the 5K, they could have had a good chance of making it to the FINALS. So going into the rest of this year’s training, my vision for myself is that I’ll be someone people will be happy about having on their team, that I’ll be able to build my team up instead of holding them back.

Oftentimes in life, I get caught up in the monotony of my routine. Every once in awhile, we all get chances to be involved in something extraordinary. For me this month, that meant participating in a 24 hour CrossFit competition. Today I’m tired, sore, and incredibly hungry. But also excited about the future and excited about CrossFit and excited about life. I was so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this incredible event and look forward to doing it again in the future.


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