I’m Not Dead

Published September 12, 2012 by coachkatriel

I’m not dead.

Maybe a little bit going crazy. Like I said here, I’m engaged! Getting married to my best friend! And for some reason, all of my thoughts and focus and spare time have been completely and entirely consumed by wedding thoughts and prep. Yes, I backed out of most of the main planning (my mom is the hero of the day) but I’m still making lists and organizing myself so I can stay on top of everything I need to.

And when I’m not making lists, working, working out, or daydreaming, I’m spending time with the handsome man who’s going to be my husband.

So I’m sorry for disappearing.

But here I am to say….

WEDDING IN 3 MORE DAYS!!!! And can I just say it’s hard to workout this week? I’m tired! There’s so much to do! And have I mentioned, I’m tired? But yesterday, as I was eating some frozen mangoes and greek yogurt on my couch watching cartoon network educational television, I reminded myself that there’s a wedding dress waiting for me to rock it, and I don’t want to disappoint the wedding dress. So I changed into my workout clothes and biked on over to the gym.

That’s the other thing that’s been happening. I’ve been without a car for the past couple months. I don’t know if you all remember my Geo, but it was thoroughly smashed and bashed, and as soon as the sun was shining, I sold that lovely beast and bought a bike (Truth be told, my soon-to-be husband bought the bike for me. He’s awesome.) But that means everywhere I go, I’m on a bike. I’ve been rather lucky. I’ve only had to bike in the rain twice (We’ve had a sunny couple months!) and I have yet to be hit by a car. Definitely some seriously close calls though. And now that the weather’s getting colder and it gets dark sooner, I’m combing through KSL classifieds trying to find a decent car that I can reasonably afford.

I’m excited for married life. I’m eager to be all domestic and cook meals for my man. I’m looking forward to figuring out our team budget and committing to stick with it. I’m excited for the challenges and obstacles that come our way, because I’m confident we can make it through anything. I really do love this guy so much and I’m happy that he’s mine!


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