Elevated CrossFit Summer Games

Published July 23, 2012 by coachkatriel


Competed in my first local competition ever.

It started off with the “semi-finals”. There were 4 women heats, 8 men heats. 8 people from our gym showed up to compete, and many came to support as well. I was in the very first heat. As you can see from the pictures below, I definitely struggled. But after the workout was done and my heart stopped exploding out of my chest, it was fun to watch the other people from my gym push themselves to complete the same workout.

Here’s the workout:

50m Sprint
21 Wallballs (16#-8′)
50m Sprint
21 Powerclean (95#)
50m Sprint
21 Wallballs (16#-8′)
50m Sprint
21 Deadlifts (145#)
50m Sprint
21 Wallballs (16#-8′)
50m Sprint

Though it was rough and I died shortly after, I was able to do it fast enough to qualify for the finals.

The final event was:

21 box jumps (20″)
14 Snatches (75#)
21 box jumps (20″)
14 Push Press (75#)
21 box jumps (20″)

Coach Nicole also made it to finals and ended up crushing me in the final event. We ended up with 2nd and 3rd place.  I’m definitely stoked about my 3rd place finish: not too shabby for my very first competition. Definitely worth the blood, sweat, and tears that went into competing! It made me very excited to continue competing and definitely made me want to push myself in training. I love competing and I look forward to the next event (Whenever that may be!)

Special thanks to everyone from Put It Up CrossFit who came out to compete and support: it meant alot to me to hear you all chanting my name as I tried to push through that workout. We definitely have the best workout family out there!

Thanks to Kevin Willett of 2point8 photography for showing up and catching me in all my sweaty misery!


2 comments on “Elevated CrossFit Summer Games

  • So I didn’t OFFICIALLY meet you on Saturday – but we were in the same heat. and you kicked ass (more specifically – mine!). Great job!

    and congrats on your engagement!

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