High Intensity

Published July 17, 2012 by coachkatriel

Seth and I were out having our “cheat meal” at one of our favorite restaurants last weekend. We sat there and downed a table full of of food. One of the downsides of being coaches is everytime we go out to eat, we’re analyzing the health content and calories of the food we were eating. At the end of the meal, he pointed out that we had EASILY downed ATLEAST 3000 calories a piece in one sitting. And with everything else we’d eaten that day, it could easily have been a 6000 calorie day. Now, the strange phenomenon is that even though Seth and I typically have extremely high calorie weekends and are usually heavier the Monday after, by the next Friday, we’ve leveled out to our pre-weekend weights, even if I’m not counting my calories during the week.

So why is that?

One of the theories I have is the “metabolism reset” phenomenon that I don’t know too much about. I typically eat mostly dead animals and vegetables all week long. From my understanding, when one goes low calorie or low carb for a long period of time, the body starts to level out the weight loss because it wants to hang on to the carbohydrate stores that it has. Having one day in the week where there is a higher influx of carbohydrates seems to satisfy the body’s craving for carbohydrate so it doesn’t feel afraid to burn through its stores.

The fact that I can eat 6000 calories on the weekend and not gain weight is also a bit of a shout out to CrossFit and intensity. Studies have shown that doing high intensity exercises leads to a state of oxygen debt, and in order for your body to recover from that, your body will break down its fat stores to be metabolized. Also there’s a lot of talk about the metabolism cranking up for awhile after doing high intensity training, which is also rad. 5-6 days a week, I’m doing high intensity workouts, cranking up my metabolism, burning fat, and avoiding foods that are super high carb or starch. One day a week, I remind my metabolic metronome that it’s okay to burn through my stores.

Bottom line? The CrossFit Prescription Works.


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