Epic PR Week??

Published May 9, 2012 by coachkatriel

Well, I don’t want to toot my own horn, but out of my two days at the gym this week so far, I’ve totaled 45# worth of personal bests.

One thing I’ve realized this week is the importance of a good warm up. On Friday, we were doing some speed and technique work for the hang clean and split jerk. I stuck with a light weight and really thought about having good form on each rep. The movement felt better and better after doing 8 sets with the lighter weight, so I decided to increase the weight. I kept up with the same technique that I’d practiced with the lighter weight and found I was able to put up heavier weights much more easily than in the past.

Another thing I’ve realized is the importance of stress management. I’m of the opinion that small amounts of stress can be helpful and motivating. But stress can become too much to handle. Working out helps me have improved emotional health. But when I get stressed, my workouts suffer, and then my emotional health suffers, and then I get more stressed, and the cycle goes on and on. I thought I had a pretty good handle on my stress, but I’ve been feeling really burnt out lately. As I’ve been working with Seth to figure out solutions to this and spending more time focusing on improving my emotional health, I’ve felt more relaxed than I have in ages. And because I’m feeling less burnt out, I’m able to get more out of my workouts at the gym. And as my workouts are better, emotionally, I feel better. It’s a much better cycle.

Yesterday, after rocking the powerclean and the thruster at the gym, I felt an increase in my motivation to be healthy. (That, and Seth and I are having a six pack challenge. He’s trying to get veins on his six pack before I get a six pack…nutrition’s KEY here) So I went to the grocery store and bought a variety of different vegetables and lean proteins (I didn’t buy the pepperjack cheese cubes! those are a serious weakness of mine). When I got home, instead of just throwing everything in the fridge, I took some time to dice up the vegetables so they’ll be easier to add in to salads or omelets. I’m all about making healthy decisions as easy on myself as possible!

Today’s metcon only day at the gym, but I’ll try to do some skill and mobility work too. I’ve got my healthy meals packed for the day and I’m excited and ready to go.

What healthy decisions are you going to make today?


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