Triple PR day, anyone?

Published April 25, 2012 by coachkatriel

Alright, friends and neighbors.

After eating 6 healthy meals in a row over the course of two days, I went to the gym to participate in the StrengthWod. And…it went awesome.

I have an almost paralyzing fear of weight overhead, so for the longest time, the heaviest I’ve EVER been able to get up there was 130, and that was on a good day. Anything higher than that and I’d look at myself with the heavy weight in the mirror and my mind would have already given up or gotten scared. I often play the “What’s the worst that could happen?” game when I approach a heavy weight. Well, when getting a weight overhead, there’s a long list that runs through my mind of all the worsts that could happen. I sit there and debate with myself about whether or not the risk is worth it.

I put 140# on the bar and bounced around with the bar a little bit while I debated whether or not it was worth the effort. I dropped down a couple pounds and went for it again. I didn’t think much about how much was on the bar and jerked it overhead. As I was finishing out the drive, I was doing the math and realized there was 135# on the bar. I left it up there over my head for awhile, shocked that it had gotten up over my head so easily. I dropped it to the floor, and then realized that I should have squatted with it overhead so I could get a PR there too.

I went for it again. I’d already done it, so the debate with myself was easily won. I popped it up overhead and tried to squat with it. Overhead squatting requires a lot of abdominal stabilization. I struggled keeping the weight stable on my way down and stood up before I hit depth. Of course, I couldn’t leave it at that.

I push jerked 135# for the third time that day and this time successfully squatted past parallel with it.

Feeling pretty awesome and a little full of myself, I set my bar up for deadlifts. I pulled 240# off the floor 7 times. My form was pretty shabby-especially for the last couple-but I did it. We used the “Figure out your max” equation (which I’m sure has another name too) and pulling 240# 7 times would put my max deadlift at 295#. I think I’ll go for a new max in a couple weeks.

I realize this is likely the LEAST helpful post ever. So I’ll give it a moral.

Having consistent good nutrition leads to personal records in the gym. How? If you’re eating healthy and timing your meals well, you’ll have the energy to actually do the workouts and the nutrients you need to recover after your workouts. So if you wanna beast yourself and look good doing it? Clean up your diet and stay consistent with it.


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