4 Down, 96 to go

Published April 24, 2012 by coachkatriel

Yesterday reinforced my notion that I’ve got to eat 4 meals a day, and one of those four meals has to come an hour or two before my workout. I work out at 7pm, and I’d eaten lunch at noon. We were maxing out on bench press, and I couldn’t put anything up. I felt tired and hungry-my stomach was growling while I was working out. I went straight from the gym to the grocery store to stock up on vegetables and protein.

This morning when I was doing meal prep for the day, I pulled out my old food scale. Knowing I want to have 30-40g of protein per meal, I looked at the serving sizes for my protein sources for the day, did some math, and weighed out the exact portions I wanted into cute little tuppleware containers. I’ve got extra lean ground turkey breast in one and shrimp in another. Then I grabbed two of my 3cup tuppleware containers and stuffed them full of various vegetables-spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, sugar snap peas…

I stacked up my containers and put them in my “lunch box” (it’s huge and green and I got it walmart), ate my healthy breakfast-(two roma tomatoes, cup and a half of spinach, eggs and one little cube of pepperjack cheese), took all my vitamins, and skipped out the door feeling pretty stinking pleased with how prepared and healthy I’m going to be today.

I love being able to report good health decisions.

What good health decisions have you made today?


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