100 Healthy Meals in a Row

Published April 23, 2012 by coachkatriel

I feel better when I eat better.

I eat better when I prepare better.

I prepare better when I plan better.

I plan better when I have a deadline or a goal.

I had one week of super good eating. (mostly cause I was trying to impress you guys)

My goal was to be a super good eater. I planned out my meals. I did meal prep ahead of time. I ate only those good things that I had prepared for myself. I felt awesome. My workouts were super great and I looked super great in all my favorite gym clothes.

Then the weekend came. There wasn’t alot of room in my fridge (My roommate makes lots of bizarre food and goes lots of bizarre places and then puts these things in the fridge and buys pizza instead. There’s cooked ramen that’s been sitting in the same place in the fridge for a couple months and some questionable looking meat and some questionable looking stuffing (maybe…?) Yet another reason I’m looking forward to moving out in a couple months: I’ll have more power over my fridge!!!!). When there’s not a lot of room in the fridge, I don’t do a lot of beforehand meal preparation because I know there’s not going to be anywhere to put the prepared meals, and meat and vegetables spoil pretty quickly if you just leave them on the counter…If I know I’m not going to be able to do the preparation beforehand, I give up on the planning cause what’s the point of planning something I don’t know if I’ll feel like preparing the next week? And so my plans kinda flew out the window. And then I had a week of justification. The whole “it’s okay if I eat this, I USUALLY work pretty hard, so I deserve this” conversation. And when my nutrition stinks, my workouts stink, and then I get upset with myself and panic a little bit, and soothe my panic attacks with chocolate.

So, pretty frustrated with myself. I’m a coach. I’m supposed to be an example to people. I like myself better when I’m being healthy. It really shouldn’t be THAT big of a deal to eat healthy. Shouldn’t be that difficult.

One thing I’m doing differently is having 4 meals a day instead of trying for 5 or 6. (cause it’s easier to plan fewer meals, for now atleast) I’m nixing the protein shakes cause I seem to always eat more than I need to cause they’re just really not filling at all.

As a coach, I get to talk to lots of people about their health and give suggestions, ideas, recommendations and share what I know. While I thoroughly enjoy doing my best to help people, my favorite part of coaching is having the opportunity to learn from the people I’m trying to help. I’ve learned a lot from the people I’ve talked to this last week and I’m going to try to do a better job of being an example for them as well.

I’ve learned to take nutrition one meal at a time. If my breakfast is unhealthy, that doesn’t mean the day is a failure. I can have a healthy lunch and a healthy dinner. So far, I’ve had a healthy breakfast and a healthy lunch today. I’m going to see how many healthy meals I can get in a row. I think my healthy meal record for this year is 16….I can do better than that. So that’s the goal-to beat my record for healthy meals in a row. My lifetime record is 72 I think. I bet I could beat that too.

So. The plan. I’m going for 100 healthy meals in a row. A healthy meal, for my purposes, must include a protein, a vegetable, and no more than 15g of fat (I like cheese, so this is an effort to dial down the cheese a little bit). After I have my 100 healthy meals in a row, i might add in chocolate pretzels every 25th meal or something, but for now, this is what I’m trying to stick to.

I’ll do better at reporting back here as well so I can stay accountable. I don’t have internet access at home, so I can only really post when things are slow at work. But I’ll try to do be more regular on here.

If anyone else wants to take the 100 meal challenge, let me know!


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