Slimming for the Summer!

Published March 29, 2012 by coachkatriel

I like having action plans. And I like doing math. I had a bit of free time at work this morning, so I sat down with a pen and paper and planned.

Several months ago, I’d contemplated doing a figure competition, and decided not to because I was super grumpy going that low carb (only 50g a day on some days) and while I’d broken down my macros (With the help of the one and only Seth Berbert, CFL1) I hadn’t taken the time to divide up the macros throughout the day in a way that fit my 9-5 job.

I edited the macros a little bit and then did math and planning and doodling and more math and more planning until I came up with a plan that works with me and my schedule. I’m going to go grocery shopping on Saturday, do meal prep on Sunday, and start on Monday. I’m not going to update my nutrition page on this blog until I’m sure I can stick with it (Because what’s the point in sharing something that I’m not actually able to do, so I’m not sure how it works or affects me?) After trying it out and seeing how it works, I’ll post again about my experiences with it.

With my nutrition action plan, I’m even more excited to get to the gym and pump it up. This week in Strength WOD, we’re maxing out, and my bench press went up another 5lbs in 2 weeks. My deadlift is back up to 265 (only 10 pounds under my old max, and I weighed about 10 pounds more when I could pick that up). We’re making new t-shirts soon, including the Strength WOD FEAR NO WEIGHT shirt. I think I need to make that into a poster and hang it over my bed. At my old apartment, I had my personal affirmations written up all over my mirror. I’ve got to go find an expo marker and do this again so I can get mentally back on target…

What kinds of things do you do to stay positive and stick with your fitness goals?


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