The Ox Triumphant

Published January 9, 2012 by coachkatriel

Put It Up CrossFit Coaches

Saturday, January 7th, one of my fellow coaches “The Ox”, Nicole, was the first person to represent Put It Up CrossFit in competition. CrossFit NRG in Salt Lake hosted “Fitness Universal” with five events to determine the winners. They didn’t advertise it much, but kept the competition open to any CrossFit athlete who wanted to pay the entrance fee.  Since none of our people have competed outside of our box before, we were all a little timid. Nicole was our brave one and decided to register.  We canceled our Saturday team workout to give more people an opportunity to support Nicole and see what a local CrossFit competition looked like.

Seth and I got there a little late because we’d both slept in and been slow getting ready. Kristi, Kellie, Na, James and Johnny had all beat us there.

The All Day Supporters, Representing their Box

They were easy to spot because they were the people with the biggest smiles, all wearing their Put It Up CrossFit gear. Nicole had already finished three events and was waiting on the fourth, so Seth and I had sometime to check out the box.

The box was large with high ceilings. There was a sort of platform with rubber mats and wood floors for lifting. There were pull-up bars of various heights: some on the wall, and others arranged like a cage in the middle of the room. We found out that they had these and many other pieces of equipment made for them or built themselves. They had a kid zone blocked off in the corner with some toys, a tv, and a couch to keep the kids off the floor during workouts. The piece of equipment that was probably most exciting for our boys was the 88lb kettlebell. Our heaviest kettlebell at our box right now is 70lbs, so they had a blast messing around with the heavier weight.

Waiting for Nicolesie's next event

Just watching was tough for our people. They were all itching to compete. I think they sometimes underestimate how fit they really are. I understand the feeling though. It’s one thing to compete with the people in your box, when you know exactly how you rank compared to the person next to you. It’s a completely different thing to compete with people you’ve never met before, because as far as you know, either one of you could win. Maybe another issue we have in our box is taking competitions too seriously. The main reasons to workout are to get more fit, get more healthy, and improve quality of life long term. These goals can be accomplished with or without a big trophy as long as you’re pushing yourself and making healthy choices inside and outside of the box.

That being said, it was still awesome to watch Nicolesie take first. It definitely boosted our gym’s confidence as a whole.

The first event was a two mile run outside in the snow.
The second event was composed of three carries: overhead (you’d have to snatch it to get it there), front rack (takes a clean to get it there), and deadlift. The goal was to walk with as heavy weight as possible across a designated distance. The competitors were given 10 minutes to get each of these carries completed. Nicole’s stronger than I sometimes give her credit for. She put up some great numbers here.
The third event was a “Floater” -meaning they could do it at anytime throughout the day. It was max consecutive double unders. Nicole rocks at double unders, so this was no big deal for her.
The fourth event (which was the first one Seth and I got to watch) was the Kettlebell Snatch test. Their score would be the weight (in kg) of the kettlebell they chose multiplied by the number of kettlebell snatches they got in five minutes. Each competitor picked a kettlebell. They were assigned a wooden platform to stand on and were told if they or the kettlebell exited the wooden platform at any moment, they were done.
Nicole picked a 16kg kettlebell and managed to do 133 snatches in five minutes. She had the most consistent form of all the competitors. We were so proud of her!
The fifth event was the chipper, 30-12-18 of dot drill, kb overhead squat, plate step-ups, wall runs, and alt grip pull-ups. Nicole was leading the ladies at this point, so was put in the 6th heat. Nicole again had the most consistent form, and she was also the only girl to finish the chipper within the time limit, sealing her first place finish.

Throughout the day, more and more Put It Up CrossFit athletes showed up to support Nicole. This is a picture of the final group with Nicole. Our box won the “Box With The Highest Attendance Award”

Put It Up CrossFit after Nicole takes 1st place

All of our box members are proud of Nicole for making Put It Up CrossFit look good in front of the local CrossFit community.  Hopefully, this cured the fear of competition for our box! I look forward to watching more competitions in the future and likely competing in some myself.

Thanks to Kristi for taking photos and video!

For more information about Put It Up CrossFit, check out our website at


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